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John Lewis believes that the best portraits are those that are given freely given by the person he is photographing. “When a subject is in front of my camera, it’s important for me to make pictures from the heart – those that are, awaken, entertain and remind us of our own nature.”

When making posed business or executive portraits (the term he prefers over “headshots”) John understands and respects a busy professional’s time. Working on location he’ll prepare and test the lighting of the site to be ready for his subjects, and give them the full attention they deserve.

In addition, John enjoys making portraits in an editorial fashion for a spontaneous look using natural light. He believes the immediacy of this approach reveals a wonderfully telling perspective of a person.

A few noteworthy people he has photographed include; President Jimmy Carter, Mariel Hemingway, Pierce Brosnan, Dr. Mary Leakey (archaeologist/anthropologist), and King Agoli Agbo in Africa. Whether his subject is a CEO, CFO, or a shop-floor supervisor, he seeks and delivers the personality behind title.

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